GT Customizer Preview 1.04

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×204.png” width=”300″ align=”left” title=”GT-Customizer1″ frame=”true” icon=”image”] The idea is for Guests to be able to “Try Out” customizing your wordpress theme’s options without registering an account.

Try it for yourself, live demo on


** Changelog **


  • Updated includes/gt-customizer.php with new WordPress 3.6 core javascript libraries
  • Now requires WP 3.6


A test user is automatically created the first time you visit the customizer username=”Guest

Then use the following Shortcode to create the Guest Login Link. (remove spaces)

[ GTCustomizer ]Click here to Preview this theme’s Customizer[ /GTCustomizer]

Clicking on the link, log them in as the “Guest” user with access to a pseduo wordpress live customizer. The Dashboard, and WP_Nav bar are blocked to Guest Users. A Menu Item is added to the admin bar so they can also use the customizer previewer.

Future Features?

  1. Add a theme selector to the customizer.
  2. Make some options for changing the default test account’s username, and a list of available themes to choose from.

Multi-site Note: On east subsite you want the Guest user to be able to work, be sure “Guest” user has the Preview Themes role added.

Feature Requests and saying thanks:

Please donate any amount. As long as I see something, it will encourage me to spend my focus in that area.